More from Sing for Water North 2017

Janet Swan, our leader, and our choir can feel proud for making Sing for Water North 2017 happen this year. We were all so disappointed to hear that it wouldn’t be happening in Manchester that we decided to get a couple of local choirs together and have a smaller version of the Manchester event here in East Lancashire. The result was that it snowballed and we had 150 registrations and Sing for Water North was up and running. The weather forecast for the day was anything but promising with day long heavy rain on the cards. Thankfully we were allowed to use St James’ Church, Accrington, in the morning for rehearsals and we avoided a soaking. Janet and Olwyn (from Secret Singers Choir) taught us new songs whilst Jules refreshed our memories with songs from last year. Singing with all four parts was amazing and our voices filled the church. 

Lunch was eaten in the church, by most of us, with our dear Diane providing the cabaret, when she stuck the WaterAid temporary tattoo onto her face without reading the instructions. After much giggling, Sarah saved the day and Diane was ready to sing. 

By the time we walked down to Accrington town centre the rain had eased off and we were ready to sing. Despite the weather, a good group of people stopped to listen and the bucket collection went well. It was wonderful to sing in such a big choir which sounded so good even though we’d only had the morning to put all the parts together. We were quite damp by the end. 

Of course the main aim was raising money and we certainly did that. Altogether we have been able to give WaterAid £3,000 so that’s 200 more people with clean water and sanitation.. and all because of our singing. 

Everyone’s photos. 
Diane and Sarah providing the cabaret. 

Getting ready to Sing for Water.

Photos show just a few of our choir members at the rehearsal.

Saturday 19th March was the first rehearsal of Sing for Water North 2016 and several of our choir went along to Accrington Library. There were apparently 52 of us there, all poised, excited and waiting to sing. Our inspiring and energetic teachers were Jules Gibb, Olwyn Pearce and our own lovely Janet Swan. I am new to singing, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect from our day but I have to say I absolutely loved it and haven’t stopped singing the songs since (much to my husband’s amusement!)

There are six songs to learn for the final performance which will be in Albert Square in Manchester on 12th June. By the end of a rather tiring, but hugely inspiring 5 hours, we had learned 4 of them and raised £460 for Wateraid! Two more rehearsals in Manchester if you missed the Accrington one and we’ll be learning the other songs at our own choir sessions…then we’ll be ready for our big sing so we’d love everyone to spread the word and to come along and support us.

Diane Halstead.

Details of Manchester rehearsals here..

Scandinavian songs and stories.

Thank you very much to Marie for the write up.

On Tuesday evening quite a large group of us headed to Accrington Library where they had been having a Scandinavian Day.
Earlier in the evening there was a family Show & Tell featuring Moomin Puppets by The Horse and Bamboo Theatre Company, followed by a hands on Fabric Folk Art session.
Our contribution was as part of a storytelling session where Dominic Kelly and his partner (and baby) enthralled us with Scandinavian tales of dark forests, demanding kings and cauldrons of porridge!
We sang The Unst Boat Song and Finlandia which we had been rehearsing over the previous few weeks. Everyone put their heart and soul into the performance and we got quite a few compliments from the audience and plenty of applause.

Dominic’s Swedish partner managed to silence us after the interval with an ear piercing but very melodious yodel (call to the reindeer?). She completed the session with another very emotive folk song in her native Swedish , interspersed with some English translation.
We enjoyed socialising and drinking wine and eating nibbles during the interval and then rounded the evening off with a look at the exhibition of jewellery and textiles from Sweden as part of a touring exhibition.
Thanks to Janet for her usual patience and belief in us as a choir fit to perform and to everyone who came along and sang!

Marie Hargreaves