A Glimpse of Minsteracres 

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Dates for the next term. 

12 Sept 2017  Return to choir. 

Then every week except,

17 Oct  No choir 

28 Nov  No choir 

19 Dec Last choir. We will have a Christmas party – again inviting back members who we haven’t seen for a while.


More from Sing for Water North 2017

Janet Swan, our leader, and our choir can feel proud for making Sing for Water North 2017 happen this year. We were all so disappointed to hear that it wouldn’t be happening in Manchester that we decided to get a couple of local choirs together and have a smaller version of the Manchester event here in East Lancashire. The result was that it snowballed and we had 150 registrations and Sing for Water North was up and running. The weather forecast for the day was anything but promising with day long heavy rain on the cards. Thankfully we were allowed to use St James’ Church, Accrington, in the morning for rehearsals and we avoided a soaking. Janet and Olwyn (from Secret Singers Choir) taught us new songs whilst Jules refreshed our memories with songs from last year. Singing with all four parts was amazing and our voices filled the church. 

Lunch was eaten in the church, by most of us, with our dear Diane providing the cabaret, when she stuck the WaterAid temporary tattoo onto her face without reading the instructions. After much giggling, Sarah saved the day and Diane was ready to sing. 

By the time we walked down to Accrington town centre the rain had eased off and we were ready to sing. Despite the weather, a good group of people stopped to listen and the bucket collection went well. It was wonderful to sing in such a big choir which sounded so good even though we’d only had the morning to put all the parts together. We were quite damp by the end. 

Of course the main aim was raising money and we certainly did that. Altogether we have been able to give WaterAid £3,000 so that’s 200 more people with clean water and sanitation.. and all because of our singing. 

Everyone’s photos. 
Diane and Sarah providing the cabaret. 

New and Old Choir Members  Celebrate. 


Last week, ‘Singing for the Soul’ choir celebrated its fourth birthday in style with lots of lively singing, eating and drinking (tea and coffee only!!) Four years ago a group of women met up at Coldwell Cafe, for a singing day, under the leadership of Janet Swan. As a result, the choir was born. 

Now many of those women are still singing with the choir though we have welcomed many new members since those early days. So on Tuesday, 10th of March, we invited old and new members to our celebration and were delighted to see so many enthusiastic singers coming through the doors of Brierfield Library where we now meet.

After a gentle warm up we learned some new songs amid much laughter and enjoyed sharing some old ones with our guests who had not been to the choir before. In the break we all got to know one another better over a brew and a piece of birthday cake.

Thanks to Sue for getting the lovely cake and to Janet for organising the event.

At nine o’clock we all said our goodbyes with a spring in our step and promises from many of the guests that they would be returning! It was so good to share our momentous occasion with so many people and will be delighted to see them all at our next singing session!


The photo, above,  is of the writer Marie (on the right) who brought her friend Sheila, who has now decided to join the choir. 

The photo, below, shows some of the comments people wrote during the break.