Our Choir

The name of the choir is a clue to the songs that we sing and why we exist. We sing songs from around the world that give us a bigger view and a positive outlook. They also help us think about what it means to be part of a community that believes in working together. The choir members’ age range is from 18 to 80.

Quote from a choir member. “Everyone feels part of something very special. The key to all this seems to be harmony singing because we are all individuals from many different backgrounds (many of us not seeing ourselves as ‘singers ‘) but because of the focus on the music / harmony we have become one.”

Our choir leader is Janet Swan who is a member of the Natural Voice Practioners’ Network. You can keep up to date with choirs and singing activities in all sorts of places, by having a look at Janet’s choir page.
Click here for the page.

Janet believes that everyone can sing – it is usually only if you have been told not to that you can’t. Also – you don’t have to be able to read music, all learning is by ear and singing is so much easier in a group. So just come along and find out what a great way it is for people to come together and have fun. All women are welcome. 

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