Choir is cancelled for now – but we can still stay in touch!

The news has been very hard to hear today, and even though it is clear that only a small number of people will get this illness, we must protect anyone who is vulnerable. That of course includes several of our group, or people that they love. So it is with a heavy heart that I am letting you know that our group is cancelled until some time in April or May.

But we all know that our choir is a lot more than just the singing – we are not only a group of singers, but also a group of friends. And what do friends do – they solve problems and help each other! So, although we have now been told that we cannot meet, there are creative solutions to staying connected – for example using different online technologies, and by meeting in outdoor spaces. WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN BY THIS!

I will post very soon about an online tool that will enable us to see each other even though we are not together. We will even be able to sing together! Or at least you will be able to follow me giving you some lovely tunes, plus breathing and mindfulness exercises – all with the intention of staying in touch and staying calm! 

I am also making plans for meeting in a park or an outdoor space with the intention of learning a few songs to sing to those of you stuck at home. This could become a big thing –  singing in streets and gardens under people’s windows! Let me know if you would like to do this, or if you have any other thoughts or ideas, by contacting me on my email address janetswan11@ (then after the @ is “”)

Also some good news from Saturday. We had already raised more than £2,500 for Water Aid at the beginning of Saturday from those who had registered online. In addition to this we raised a further £140 on Saturday (after paying for the hire of the church etc). Thank you all so much for your support.

NB Subscriptions – With regard to those of you who have already paid your subs for the forthcoming 6 weeks, I will be in touch individually.

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