Sing for Water and for Washing.

This coming Saturday we will be singing for water in a session which everyone is welcome to join – even if you are not coming to “Sing for Water” later in June. It is a chance to learn 6 amazing songs in a day! So please tell everyone about it – it is happening at Padiham Road Methodist Church, Burnley (entrance on Brassey Street) starting at 10.00 til 4.00 (bring your own lunch but other refreshments will be available including brews and cakes*). We will be asking for donations of £5 – £10 and asking for people to wash their hands on arrival!
On which note, we had a bit of fun last week thinking about hand washing and sang this song – here are the words for the refrain. I hope you enjoy having another go at it!
You need skin, take good care of it
Don’t harm a hair of it
What would we do without it
Keep it clean, soapy water every day
Will wash the dirt and smells away
‘Cos you need skin
And finally a quick reminder for altos to please arrive ready to sing at 6.40 this week (10 March) in order to learn the alto part of “Moon River”.
*NB If you are able to make a cake for us to sell pieces of next Saturday – this will all raise funds for Water Aid. Please bring any contributions (suitably wrapped) on Tuesday or Saturday.

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