Choir is on this week, and I have some wonderful songs to sing, but let’s just be mindful…

The spread of the Covid 19 virus is just starting to happen, and I think for everyone’s sakes we just need to err on the side of caution. We should of course meet as usual, life goes on, and for 80% of people this virus is not serious.

However, for the remaining 20% it is more serious, so to protect them, I am asking those who have cold-like symptoms (especially if you have a temperature and a cough) not to attend until you feel better – some of you would do this in any case, but the choice is not usually so crucial.  I do usually err on the side of encouraging people not to come to choirs with colds etc, but now I would definitely advise you not to, especially if you have significant cold symptoms or have been to any of the countries where the virus has spread rapidly or in touch with anyone who has.

I am trying to follow the advice to wash hands regularly and thoroughly, (for 20-30 seconds, or the time it takes you to sing “Happy Birthday” twice !!) especially as I move from place to place, or have had any interaction with others, and will continue to do this.

Best wishes to all – stay well – this will pass!

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