Spring returns soon.

Come along this week and learn a lovely 16th Century song about the seasons and about the hope that the Spring will return.
Also here is some information about Sing for Water North:
Sing for Water happens across the UK and is happening here in Lancashire in June 2020 – on Saturday 13th. It is a way to learn some lovely songs and sing them with a mass choir of at least 100 people. If you have never done this – it is amazing!
The way it works is that you can make a small donation to Water Aid (who provide clean drinking water and sanitation in Third World countries) and you are then entitled to join in. You will be able to hear all the sound files for the songs and learn them even if you cannot get to choir on the occasional week. Also it entitles you to attend the additional rehearsal on 14th March – all day for free – at Padiham Road Methodist Church in Burnley.

See you all tomorrow

On our first week back, we made a start on a new song for Sing for Water North called “Do not carry a heavy heart” which even though we are just learning it, already sounded beautiful. We will carry on learning that this week along with another song in a similar vein called “Let us stand”. Together the 2 songs send the message – let’s not be down hearted but stand together for something better. I’m sure you will agree – some uplifting words for January when things can seem difficult.
If you want to know more about Sing for Water North including all the times for the day (Saturday 13th June in Preston), have a look at the website where you can also register, make your donation to Water Aid and then get all the sound files for learning the songs via the Singers area!

Happy New Year – 2020!

The new term is going to be a good one! We will be learning the following:

Songs ready for Sing for Water (including Moon River to get us walzing and a great African song to get us stomping)

 Simple rounds (some that we might compose using our own thoughts and words)

Songs that make us feel good in ourselves and therefore better able to encourage and support others. (And NB it has been proven that this is a very real benefit of singing groups because of things called mirror neurons which help us realise how much we matter to each other and how we can rewire our brains for good!)

So whether you want a pick-me-up, a good sing, a bit of creativity, a bit of gentle brain and body exercise, or just to be together with friends – this is the place to be on Tuesday evenings!

All fees are held at last year’s rate (great value at just £28 for 6 sessions or £5 if you pay as you go)