Choir back tomorrow 22nd October

Hope you all had a good break last week. We start our next six week block tomorrow  and will be covering our usual, delightful mixture, of songs to learn.  We will meet at the usual time 7pm, at Brierfield Library.

Please don’t forget you have the opportunity to pay for a six week block if you find that more convenient. It does help the choir and admin but weekly payments are fine too.

The dates for the rest of this year are as follows.

22/10/19 to 26/11/19 (6 weeks – with an option of an extra couple of weeks if you would like to sing carols and winters songs, with Karen on the guitar, during December)


Singing for Ethel Carnie Holdsworth

The choir is having a break on Tuesday 15th October but please read on for some interesting news!

Throughout this year we have been learning songs about looms, songs about the July Wakes and songs inspired by the amazing local writer Ethel Carnie Holdsworth.

If you know the songs (see below) you are very welcome to join in with the singing. Alternatively we would love you to be part of the audience! The details of the concerts are below (and in brackets the arrangements for those who are singing as you will need to rehearse with the rest of the singers) :

  1. The main event is the special concertall about Ethel on Friday 22November at The Civic Theatre in Oswaldtwistleat 7.30. (Anyone who is wishing to sing should get there at 6.45 and also attend the same venue on Thursday 21st November at 7.30 for the dress rehearsal).
  2. If you preferyou could join us on Saturday 26 October at Accrington Library 2.00 til 3.30. This is going to be similar to the performance we gave at Downham Village Hall. (Anyone who is wishing to sing should get there at 1.00).

The songs are

  • The weaver and the Factory Maid (aka The loom goes click /clack),
  • Sister my Sister, She’s walking with me
  • Jane Power’s song – Universal Life
  • Gitika Partington’s song – Life – as learned on 8 October

All songs will be covered in coming weeks and can be learned by listening to sound files on the Clarion Choir website – Janet will text you the username and password if you get in touch using this email


Kathleen’s Wedding.

Congratulations to choir member Kathleen who married Bill last week.  It was a privilege for us to sing at your wedding.



Singing for the Soul. You sang so beautifully at Kathleen’s wedding, that you made me very proud. I had lots of comments afterwards about how special it was, how uplifting and how it made everyone smile.