Kathleen’s Wedding

Kathleen has asked us to sing at her wedding which is on Sunday 15 September at 3pm at St Luke’s Church in Brierfield. Please put it in your diary – I am sure it will be lovely!
The choice of 3 songs was taken by us as a group last week (and includes 2 that we already know very well). However this list remains top secret of course! All will be revealed this week – please come if you can!
We will then be on holiday for 2 weeks. See dates above.

Choir is meeting as usual tomorrow

There will be 2 breaks coming up in June and July.
The dates for this are below, but the good news is that there will be 3 singing sessions in July and August that we can join in with – please see the attached poster.
18 June  – choir is on as usual
25 June – choir is off
2 July – choir is off
9 July – choir is on as usual
16 July – choir is on as usual. 
23 July to 27 August – choir is off

Tuesday 4th June


Looking forward to singing some lovely English folk songs with everyone tonight. The Ballad of Grace Darling has been a firm favourite (and ear worm!) and we will also have another go at The Oak and the Ash. Here is a reminder of that song on video. I think we can do it as well as this! And from all the versions of the song I have heard, you definitely don’t have to be a north country lass to sing this song!! But we have the added benefit of being able to say whenever we go down South  – how good it is to be back in the North!