Update for Mid May 2019

Choir is ON this coming week (21 May), and you may be sad to hear that we are moving on from bees!!
This coming Saturday is bee day though, so please meet at Padiham Road Methodist Church, in Burnley, for 10.50 and here is the set list:
1. Buzz Away – 2 verses
2. Bee Boys Song – all 3 verses
3. Inversnaid – round sung 3 times and with part 1 repeating the last line
4. Janet’s solo – you just sing “buzz buzz” on the 5 choruses (it will be obvious)
5.English Country Garden – 3 verses. Please practise the words.
6. Buzz Away again – to end on a strong song about how the bees are going to “buzz off” if we don’t start treating them properly!

To hear any songs again you can look on the website and sing along.

Bee Day and Bee songs

If you are planning to come on Saturday 18th, please try to get along to choir this Tuesday (14th). If not, the arrangements are that we are meeting at Padiham Road Methodist Church on Brassey Street at 10.50 a.m..

For everyone – if you have a quiet few minutes, – the songs are here then click on Buzzin Bee Day if you want to be practising!

Please note – Janet may have to cancel the session on 21 May owing to a family funeral. Please keep your eyes on the website, Facebook or emails for news.