A song to end our sessions with

In the last week, it has been suggested that we end with one of our lovely recent songs. We will try doing that on a regular basis – choosing a song that we really love and ending with it. Suggestions please to Janet – janet.swan@naturalvoice.net
Holidays coming up
Please remember we are off in 2 weeks time, so there will be no session on 9 and 16 April. We will be back on Tuesday 23 April. And remember if you would like an extra session over Easter you can join Janet at Pendle Heritage Centre on Tuesday 16 April from 2.30 til 4.00.

A special singing session 

On Tuesday 16th April, week leading to Easter, there will be no choir in the evening, but you are invited to a special singing session in the afternoon.

This will be at Pendle Heritage Centre in Barrowford. It is worth a visit – especially if you have never been before, and you will get chance to hear all about the Pendle Song Fellowship, as well as sing some interesting songs!

It will also be a great opportunity to recruit some new people to our group.

All the informaiton you need is here: http://www.foph.co.uk/event/local-social-reformers-pop-talk-song-swap-pendle-hill-song-fellowship/

Scroll to the bottom of their page and you will see some people you know.

Pendle Hill Song Fellowship (special event at Easter) and National Bee Day

On Tuesday 16 April from 2.30 til 4.00 there will a special singing session at Pendle Heritage Centre . This is as an introduction to the Pendle Hill Song Fellowhip and please note that there won’t be a session that evening (because it is Easter week) but every one (including men) is welcome to come in the afternoon.  Cost £1.50. Janet will be talking about Lancashire songs in general including quite a few by Mike Harding.

National Bee Day.
There is going to be a “Buzzin Bee Day” in Ightenhill Park on Saturday 18 May. There will be lots of fun activities and stalls and hopefully we will be doing a little informal performance around late morning (it will be indoors if the weather is bad). We will be learning a few bee songs over the coming weeks, and hopefully you will feel able to support the “Singing for Fun” group in putting on this little performance about bees. One of the songs is “What would the world be, once bereft, of wet and wildness, let them be left” – from a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. All wildlife needs wild places and weeds. Let’s celebrate weeds!!

New look website.

Don’t forget to have a look around the website. It has now got a fresh look, with lots of new photos of you all.

As well as the ‘History’ page being revamped, the page ‘Our choir’ has also been updated. There is a new page ‘Spotlight’ too, where you can have your say about the choir, just pass a few sentences to Jackie to be included.

All dates for this term and indeed the Summer are on the ‘Home Page’.

See all the buttons at the top to find your way around.