Singing Aunties Sing for their Supper 

Our latest ‘gig’ included a lovely surprise when choir member Bev brought her new baby, Richard (only two weeks old), to join in the fun. We could hardly do the warm up for all the ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’. He didn’t stay for the performance of course but was very well behaved for the warm up despite being awake. 

We had been invited to sing at St John’s Church, Ivy St at their hospice fundraiser and this included a quiz and pie and peas supper. Janet decided a variety of songs were in order, ranging from ‘Singing in the Rain’ to ‘Allelujah’ and this worked really well for the audience  Our final song, just before supper was served,  was ‘Food Glorious Food’ and we were loudly applauded for our efforts. Several members had actually bought tickets to go but we also had a collection, from choir members, and presented £35 to add to the total. Including the activities on Sunday, at the church, they raised more than £1,000 for the hospice.