A Day with the Truce Choir.

About 12 members of Singing for the Soul choir turned up to another full day’s singing at Accrington on Saturday. It’s been a really good experience to be part of such a big choir (about 60 people from various choirs) and quite different to be singing with men too. It’s been a great advantage to be led by Janet. We are looking forward to the concert in St James’ Church Accrington on 29th November. Free tickets from Janet.




Notices. 3/11/14

Don’t forget Truce Choir rehearsal at Accrington Library Saturday 8th Nov. Starting 10 am.

Share Faith Share Food session on 11th Nov. A chance to learn some songs in Arabic from some young Muslim women.

Open Session 18th Nov. Bring a friend as part of Interfaith Week.

Community Advent Service 2nd Dec at the Faith Centre.